"Our goal is to provide the finest in innovative and cost effective solutions to management , sales, & marketing problems in the anatomic pathology & laboratory industry. We get our projects done on time, within specifications, and under budget."
Bernie Ness, President and CEO
B. J. Ness Consulting Group
"Our Quality and Services Are Untouchable"
If you are looking for help dealing with sales, marketing, and management issues for your  pathology group or independent laboratory you have come to the right place. We can assist your pathology practice in all the business disciplines to produce positive results. We know the secrets of selling to urology, dermatology and GI groups. No other consulting group has been as intimately involved in successfully selling to these prime sales targets. We also have in-depth knowledge about TC/PC, "pod labs", and in-office pathology labs. See our exclusive web offer for in-sourcing of pathology by specialty physicians.
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This page was last updated on: August 5, 2007
15th Anniversary of Helping Pathology Groups & Laboratories To Compete & Win!
TC/PC, AP POL, Pod Lab, Condo Labs, Reverse TCPC, In-Office Pathology - The Alphabet Soup in anatomic pathology today. Do you know how each marketing strategy really works? We bet you don’t! Pathology In-sourcing is the most controversial, fastest growing and hottest topic in pathology today. There are thousands of specialty practices involved in TCPC and at least 150 large specialty groups with their own in-house pathology laboratories now. These numbers are growing every month in every region of the country. Don't be caught flatfooted and unprepared. We can help you compete. There are huge opportunities in the marketplace for pathologists who understand the new paradigm and how to compete. Learn how to practice pathology in the new age dominated by specialty physicians.
Want to learn more about each from a national authority with in-depth knowledge of all of them? Of course you do! Learn from the main source. We have assembled the key knowledge on each model and how it is implemented in your market. This is the most valuable information you will ever have access to for your survival. Most pathologists, even at high levels in the CAP and APF do not understand the basic concepts. Plus the CMS regulations change each year. None of these involve discounted client billing but we cover that too.
The above 100 page white paper contains strategies and tactics to help you compete in the changing and turbulent pathology marketplace. If you would like your own digital copy please email us below and receive our special discounted web only offer of only $199 (normally $500). We accept PayPal. You won't find this level of information at CAP, APF, PSA or in The Dark Report. Updated as the market and regulations change.
TCPC Billing
"Pod Labs"
In-Office Pathology
Reverse TCPC
Do you want to learn how to bid successfully in this new environment and win those in-office pathology laboratory contracts? The rules have changed dramatically. Bidding at your standard fees just won't cut it. Learn from the pros here how to capture all the very profitable business migrating to the specialist offices. We can help you become successful while your colleagues lose business. Order our white paper below to learn all the secrets.
Normally $500 - web special for only
$199 for the digital version. PayPal
gladly accepted